Non-smart Mtk Phone Tragedy, Tencent Mobile Qq Suspended Mrp

For the message of “Tencent announced of the Sky-Mobi platform mobile QQ service suspension.”, Tencent mobile QQ Forum official, who published that message, said that mobile QQ of MTK platform, has not been interrupted servicing, just suspend the version of the technical support and customer service.
Tencent said in a bulletin on April 13th, ” Due to some problems, the new version has not been the authorization of Sky-Mobi, mobile QQ parked in the 2010 version. Through the executives’ discussing, it is decided to suspend the Sky-Mobi platform services, waiting for the version updated and continue to open service.” Regard of this, the release of this bulletin Tencent mobile QQ Forum MRP Sky-Mobi platform exchange district administrator confirmed to ZDNet, China mobile phone QQ of the MTK platform did not interrupt service the ” suspension” means to suspended the version of customer service.
At the same time, general manager of Sky-Mobi Marketing, Zhou Zhiguo said to ZDNet that they have not received any official website announcement link. “In fact, our platform is still to provide customers with the quality of the QQ service. Both Tencent and Sky-Mobi always give top priority to the interests of users.
Tencent announcement claimed “Due to certain issues, the new version has not been authorized by the Sky.” Song Tao, CEO of Sky-Mobi said in this early morning, bubbling platform for developers has consistently adhered to its openness and the principle of independence. Any cooperation partners want Sky-Mobi authorization is very simple: as early as April 2011, an open development platform had been published, bubbling SDK can be download by public, anyone can use it only needs simply registration. The number of current registered developers is a total of 6,000, and more than thousands of applications have been on-line.
The Sky-Mobi network was established in 2005, and it is the nation’s largest China mobile phone software platform. Listed on Nasdaq inn 2010, it has become the first listed the mobile Internet company in China. Sky-Mobi provides the application store and web games for MTK platform operating system (commonly known as ” cottage ” on installation ), and launches a mobile community gaming platform “bubble community” in which the user play the game of the third-party development community and pay for the props. Sky-Mobi claims that by the end of the third quarter, the bubbling community has more than 140 million registered users, of which more than 16 million users are active.

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Cheapest Gprs Mobile Phones Now At Your Door Step

Now a days internet access is not a luxury; rather a necessity in this fast pace world. The internet users surf for lots of proposes.

The reputed mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others offer latest state of art handsets with faster browsing facility. These days the mobile is also categorized on the basis of their browsing services .GPRS is the one of the trusted ways to access to internet.

A good GPRS handset can help the user in faster browsing of different sites, downloading games, movies, videos and other necessary thing, chat with relatives and many more. Now the user has also the chance to get cheapest GPRS Mobile Phones from different leading mobile service providers of the UK.

The Nokia 2700c is one of the front line GPRS handset offers internet features like GPRS, EGPRS, TCP/IP support and can be used as data modem. The Samsung E1085T is one of the best GPRS handsets from SAMSUNG mobile company for its user.

This handset covers all latest internet features including other multimedia features. The Spice QT44 is a multi SIM handset from SPICE that covers all aspects of faster browsing, internet features and also other features like. Dual Led Torch, GPRS, Dual Band, preloaded games, incoming call guard, alarm, calendar and many more.

Other cheap GPRS models are Samsung E1085 GSM (Black), Samsung E1085T (Black), Videocon V1290 (Black), Micromax Q1 (Red), Videocon V1305 (Black), Karbonn KC380 (Black), Spice M-4580n (Black) and Karbonn K332 (Black). .Here the user can get lots of choice for GPRS Mobile Phones comparison.

The mobile service providers offer Cheapest GPRS Mobile Phones with their deals. Their deals include PAYG, SIM free and contract deals. There are lots of affordable GPRS Mobile Phones are offered by mobile service providers along with their deals to attract more and more customer towards their services.

In a SIM free mobile deal the user can enjoy more freedom than a contract deal. The PAYG mobile deals also offer freedom. In both SIM free and PAYG mobile deals the user has to recharge his mobile with a top up if he wants to buy talk credit. Here the user is free to choose the amount that he wants to spend over his mobile.

There are several attractive contract GPRS Mobile Phones deals in the UK mobile market. These are specially designed by the mobile service providers to attract their users toward their contract deals. In a contract deal the user should give special attention towards the terms and conditions of the deal.

Before signing a deal the user should do a good comparison among different contract deals of different mobile service providers. Only after that the user can get a cheap GPRS Mobile Phone Deals. The user can also demand his mobile service provider one of the latest and Cheapest GPRS Mobile Phones.

Mobile Casino Trends of 2011

Mobile casinos are rapidly becoming a new trend in spending time and money. The end of the last decade perhaps marked the beginning of the whole new era of non-traditional gambling. The emergence of new mobile devices and convergence of mobile technology with social networking could not possibly leave gambling industry unaffected.

First professional punters were offered an opportunity to play casino games at home. Very soon most of them realized that downloading casino software wasnt a rocket science some basic knowledge of computer and Internet access were enough. Despite some conservatives skepticism online casinos have become a huge success.

But that was yesterday. Mobile casinos are now overtaking all other types of casinos. It is hardly surprising as most of us rarely part with our mobile devices. The more sophisticated our gadgets become, the more opportunities for entertainment mobile casino operators can offer.

If you still use some vintage monochrome mobile phone, but want to play at the mobile casino, you will need to invest into something more functional. Dont worry, online casino developers are also investing heavily in the investigation of their mobile options. As iPad2 and HTML5 coding language will not keep us waiting for too long, mobile casinos will get even more eye-pleasing and realistic graphics as well as better usability.

Some industry specialists also predict that Android will strengthen its position in 2011. Whether it will really take over the majority of the market share from Apple or not, this tendency means that many mobile casino developers will pay more attention to this operation system. However you can choose any mobile device and rest assured that in any case you will be offered an enormous variety of options for playing mobile roulette, poker or blackjack.

Another mobile casino trend to look out for is its convergence with social networking. Depending on your privacy settings you will provide your mobile casino operator with some data. This also should contribute greatly to the development of new games and improvement of old ones. Developers never stop researching the market in order to bring us their best mobile products. After creating a more accurate social portrait of their customers, they can adjust to their needs and satisfy their demands. So dont get all-scared its not another proof that Big Brother is watching you.

You probably know that GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers are now integrated in many mobile phones. This means that location of many mobile casino players can be easily tracked. It surely also depends on which security and privacy options you choose, but isnt it great to get something nice from your casino operator? You may get a chance of winning a shopping voucher or a free dinner at some fancy restaurant just because you live in your hometown.

A New 5800 Style Phone W5800 Wifi Smart Phone With Windows Mobile 6.5 Gps

This article is about a new 5800 xpressmusic style phone, named W5800 making in china, it is a new version, has windows mobile 6.5 operating system, people can do more when they go with it just only one finger, such as retrieving email, checking your schedule and contacts, browsing internet and enjoying yourself with Microsoft applications, this phone has never been so easy GPS function. It is a great wifi cell phone. With W5800 you can also Browse music online and download songs, listen to your personal MP3s. Watch popular shows from HBO.
Here are the Schedule Details:


Windows mobile 6.5 operating system

Windows Live


Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ

GPS: Built-in GPS

FM: Support FM

LCD: 3.2’WQVGA 65k color TFT LCD Touch Lens


Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone W5800 WIFI Quadband

Phone standard: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz

Style: bar

Product size/weight: 115*62*13.6mm/0.6kg

Talking time:300 minutes, standby time: 160 hours

Message: SMS, EMS, MMS

Phote format: JPG, GIF, PNG, FLASH

Ringtone: MP3, 64 chord

Display:3.2 inch 16:9 WQVGA touch screen, TFT color 65000, 240*400px

CPU: K3 hisilicon HI3611 and NXP5209 460MHz

Body memory: 256MB ROM/128MB RAM

Operation system: windows mobile 6.5

Support e-mail, word/excel, powerpoint office software

Main functions: built in antenna, world time, standby pic, PDA, alarm clock, calendar, calculator”’

Bluetooth: support A2DP(OPP,DUN,HFP,HSP,A2DP,AVRCP)

Data transfer: GPRS, EDGE

Support JAVA MIDP2.0, WAP1.2.1 and WAP 2.0, support JSR185

Support TF card, max extend 16GB

Suppprt 802.11b/g WIFI


Support Modem, www broswer, USSD, SyncML

Camera: 2.0M Pixels max2048*1536 px pic

Support MP3, mini USB, FM, gravity sensor

Battery 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery

package size/weight:12*11*10cm/0.8kg

Package Contents:

1* W5800 WiFi Smart Phone

2* 1000 mAh rechargeable battery

1* Charger

1* Earphone

1* USB data cable

Mobile Applications Show Your Dedication To Clients!

Copyright (c) 2013 Yadonia Group

If you have been reading the previous articles on our professional mobile application company, then you understand a bit of how you can start your mobile app project to help your business establish itself as a fully functioning entity on a smartphone or tablet.

So far though, we have really only spoken about how your business side can be streamlined through the use of a mobile app development.

But most importantly: What about your valued clients and customers? How can a development of a mobile app help them?

Depending on the type of business you own, a mobile application can provide ease-of-access and give your customers the ability to utilize your services all with the click of a button.

One of the most important elements involved in developing a loyal customers is developing a personal relationship. Continued interaction is critical to doing so. The more points of contact you can provide your customers while making the process more convenient for them, the better.

For example, if you are a vendor, a mobile app can allow your loyal customers to quickly purchase more inventory, no matter where they are in the world. Instead of going through the traditional channels for purchasing, they can comfortably and conveniently buy whatever they would like.

Additionally, if you offer other services, ranging from consulting, to legal aid, to anything that involves one-on-one meetings, a new mobile app can give your clients the ability to schedule consultations, cancel, or modify meetings, and provide you with information, all on their own schedule. There are almost no limits to what mobile apps can do for your company.

In today’s hectic world, this can prove to be an invaluable service to your clients. No matter where they may happen to be in the world, if they have access to a smartphone or tablet, they can easily access your app and everything you have to offer. Along with offering a valuable service to your clients, this is a move that can also position you ahead of the competition.

And, once you have a mobile app that caters to the convenience and lifestyle of your clients, you can look forward to loyal customers that truly appreciate your emergence into the next step of technology.

If you are looking to start a new mobile app, talk to an experienced and professional mobile application company who have everything you need to take your business to the mobile market.

Alaa Abu Maizar, working as executive manager at Yadonia Group which is a mobile application company in Amman – Jordan helping businesses to provide greater access to their customers through mobile apps. Visit for more information.